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Author, Speaker, Advocate

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Jeff and Korel (guitarist and keyboardist with the GooGoo Dolls) have been collaborating for 4 years on a CD of 12 songs. Jeff wrote melodies and lyrics, Korel handled compositions and arrangements. The result is an incredible blend of styles, from faux-Middle-Eastern to country to Dixieland and folk.

You can preview all the songs or buy the complete album from CDBaby or, or buy individual songs for your iPod at

iTunes (search for "Jeff Hutchins Homeland").

BIG NEWS:  Liz Berlin of the nationally renowned group Rusted Root, sings Jeff's song "No Shame" on the CD.

CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW OR BUY ALL 13 SONGS (including a bonus version of the title song):

Check out the CD on

"Homeland" - A song about Jeff's growing up in Saudi Arabia

"Diane" - the song Jeff wrote to woo his wife 42 years ago

Lyrics to Homeland




Korel Tunador and Jeff
California 2005


Jeff in Mr. Smalls Studio with Liz Berlin
Pittsburgh 2007